FrequentlyAsked Questions

How far in advance should we reserve a date for our event?

As long as you’re sure with the date, it will be better to book in advance as most weddings and debuts these days are booked at an early date. Bookings, no matter how early or late, will always be subject to availability of the slot.

Do you provide chairs, tables, carpet and sound system for your reception halls?

We provide a bare venue. Anything needed to set up the venue for the particular event should be provided by the supplier hired by the renter. However, we have a platform which can be used as stage for free.

How long can we use the rented area?

Use of the venue is for four (4) hours. Cooling time is one hour before event proper, in which time guests can already come in and occupy the place. Ingress is not included in the four hour period and can be arranged with us, rest assured that ample time to set up the place will be given.

Are pets allowed at your facilities?

Generally no, however, we understand that your beloved pets are sometimes made part of the event. We can only allow small pets which should be properly handled and not allowed to loiter around the rented area.

Do you have rooms for overnight accommodations?

No, we only have banquet areas for events.

What is included in the rental price of the venue?

Included in the venue is just the bare venue and the platform for stage. Platforms are kept in a certain area where your hired personnel can get them, set them up for the event and afterwards return them properly after the event. Use of the venue for photo shoot can be availed by clients booking the venue for an event.

Do your venues have dressing rooms?

We provide a function room free of charge for one (1) hour which the couple or celebrant can use for make up retouch and as holding room before the program starts.

Do you have kitchen for the hired caterer?

No, we just provide a designated area for food preparation.

Who is in charge of cleanup?

The hired supplier/caterer should take charge of the clean up of the rented area. All food spills should be cleaned and no trash should be left in the venue.

Are there any extra costs or hidden fees?

Absolutely no hidden charges or extra fees! Venue rental is inclusive of VAT. Any additional charge that may be incurred will be clearly discussed upon inquiry.

Who will be our point person prior to the day of our event?

Your account executive takes charge of all your concerns prior to your event date.

Who will be our point person on our event date?

You may check with your account executive who will be present to handle your event.

How many guests can your venue accommodate?

Maximum capacity depends on the area to be rented and the desired set up. You may refer to our venue rate sheet for complete details.

Are there different rates for peak and off-season dates?

Rates are just the same the whole year round. Price varies upon the time of the event. Rate for an evening event is higher and cut off for an evening event is at 5:00 pm.

Are there any cleaning fees, overtime charges and insurance-fees?

We do not charge any cleaning fees. Overtime charges are specified in the venue rate sheet. The refundable security deposit specified in the venue rate sheet serves as the bond/insurance fees from where we deduct any overtime charge or cost of damage, if any.

How do I secure my desired date?

We require a twenty percent (20%) reservation fee which forms part of the total venue fee. Such deposit is non-refundable unless cancellation is made seven (7) days or less after payment has been made.

Do you allow change in booking date?

Booking date can be adjusted to an earlier or much later date subject to the availability of the new desired date.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation policy is discussed in the contract executed after booking has been made.

What is the back-up plan for rain or inclement weather if using outdoor space?

We can always move the set up to an indoor area subject to availability of the area and cost adjustment on the new area to be rented

Can you provide a list of venue policies?

Yes, click here for our general policies.

Is there an in-house caterer or do you allow outside caterers?

All food and beverage must be contracted through an approved caterer. We have a variety of accredited caterers to choose from. We also allow non-accredited ones but we charge corkage fees, amount of which will be based on the number of guests.

Do you allow alcohol?

Yes, but moderation should strictly be practiced.

Are there restrictions for the photographers and videographers in terms of venue usage?

Photographers and videographers should limit themselves to the rented except while taking photos and video in which case they will be allowed to use the second floor if rented area is on the ground floor but only while taking photos and video. The holding room for the couple or celebrant cannot be used as their standby or editing area.

Are there decoration limitations and do you allow candles?

Just like other venues, nails and tapes are not allowed on the walls. Hanging of decorations should be properly coordinated with the staff on duty so event stylists can be properly guided on the extent of allowed areas and the nature of material that can be used. Use of candles is strictly prohibited in the stage provided by Versailles Palace as candle markings on the carpeted platform is permanent.

Are there adequate toilet facilities?

Yes, we have men’s room with three (3) cubicles and a urinal and ladies room with four (4) cubicles. Both are well provided with hand soap and tissue paper.

Is there ample parking space? Will guests be charged for parking?

We have more than enough parking spaces for all your guests and all are free of charge.